Our product portfolio consists of the thread types PCO 1810 (standard closure of a PET bottle) as well as PCO 1881 (short neck), PET-Cycle (preform consisting of 55% recycled material and having an octagonal neck ring) and BPF. Our PET preforms are available in different weight categories ranging from 13.5g to 54g, depending on the respective bottle shape and the final filling product. These preforms create bottles with a volume between 0.33l and 2l.

Aside from the different weight categories, preforms can be further individualized through adding various colors during the production process. Hereby, nearly any opaque or transparent color can be achieved. Additives, which protect the filling product through reducing UV light entering the bottle as well as decelerate oxygen leaving the bottle, are a further way to adjust the preform in order to meet the diverse needs and requests of our customers.

The possibilities are endless, therefore we are looking forward to consulting you regarding the choice of your PET preforms- and bottles as well as the planning and conception of your final product.

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