PET-Preforms made in Austria – Eco-friendly and flexible.

It all starts with a small preform, which is unimposing and reminds of a test tube. One can hardly imagine that this small tube will once become a PET bottle.

The special material characteristics of PET (Polyethylenterephtalat) allow producing a stable, unbreakable yet flexible bottle using thermal energy. Thereby, the final shaping process often takes place within the production premises of the bottlers. We are producing the PET-Preforms for these companies in our plant in Austria. When comparing a truck loaded with PET preforms (approximately 1.000.000 pieces per truck) with a truck loaded with PET bottles (approximately 70.000 pieces per truck), one will soon realize that transporting PET preforms is much more efficient as less air and empty space are transported.

This holds many advantages – not only for us as a producer but also for our customers since it helps them to save money on transport as well as warehouse capacity. Furthermore, this also benefits the environment.

Even for the end consumers PET bottles hold some advantages. As PET bottles are flexible and – unlike glass bottles – do not break if they fall to the ground, the risk of getting hurt is eliminated. This is especially important for families and children.

Furthermore, a PET bottle weights only about one tenth compared to a conventional glass bottle.

All these characteristics make the PET bottle the ultimate companion for daily life.

When the PET bottle is empty, it holds another advantage: Instead of an expensive and laborious deposit system, PET bottles can be disposed into the next yellow trash can on the way. Afterwards they get collected by companies such as the ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria) and are further processed to reusable PET granulate by PET recycling companies. This granulate is processed and ultimately made into new preforms and PET bottles once again.